Better experiences for our communities. Better returns for our investors.

The population of urban areas is projected to double by 2050.

Increasing urban density by just 1% raises wages for those urban residents by 4%.

Urban sprawl costs the public more than twice as much as compact development.


We believe in a different kind of real estate investment. One where the next generation of alpha for investors is going to be found at the nexus of spatial experience, social impact, and quality of life.

Human interaction with the built environment has always been a fundamental element to society. Helping shape the cities of tomorrow is the most profound movement Sercea can be a part of. 


Underpinned by years of experience and knowledge investing in real estate, our strategy marries a fundamental approach to acquisition, asset management, and development with data science in order to better understand the real drivers behind successful projects and markets.

Direct Equity and Joint Venture

Targeting core-plus to opportunistic multi-family and urban mixed-use assets. At the heart of this strategy is the use of machine learning to augment the sourcing, underwriting, and asset management processes in order to deliver superior risk adjusted returns to our investors.